0 5.9" MITSUBISHI #MAF-RS-150B HBM, X = 236", Y = 188", 83" x 118 PALLETS, ATC, FANUC 12M, NEW 1987 (REBUILT 2002), (9317)| Turner Industries

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5.9" MITSUBISHI #MAF-RS-150B HBM, X = 236", Y = 188", 83" x 118 PALLETS, ATC, FANUC 12M, NEW 1987 (REBUILT 2002), (9317)

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Spindle diameter 5.9"
Milling spindle diameter 8.26"
Vertical headstock travel, Y 118"
Horizontal column travel, X 236"
Spindle travel, W 35.43"
Ramstock, Z 27.56"
Total axial travel, Z & W 62.99"
Spindle taper Cat #50
Spindle speeds, infinitely variable 8-1800 rpm
Maximum boring spindle thrust 6,600 lbs.
Milling feeds 0.04 to 157.48 ipm
Rapids feeds 393.70 ipm
Approximate overall dimensions 614"W x 364"D x 249.21"H
Approximate weight 90,390

Complete maintenance overhaul and new AC spindle drive 2002

Mitsubishi DIT-AH 21" x 30" rotary table with auto pallet changer:
Pallet size 83" x 118.12"
Number of pallets 2
Loading capacity 20 metric tons (44,000 lbs.)
Cross travel, V 59" (1500mm)
Table index any angle by inductosyn


Equipped with Fanuc 12M CNC control, tool life management, 80-station automatic tool changer for spindle, thru spindle coolant, spindle air blower system, automatic attachment indexing 90 degrees, power operator's platform, right angle head, auto indexing RH 15M; universal angle head, hardened and ground ways, 40Hp/50Hp spindle drive motor, tool length measurement, RS 232C port, 60-station automatic tool changer for attachments, flood coolant system, spindle orientation, full length chip conveyor, 3-station automatic attachment changer, right angle head, auto indexing RH 15LS, ball screws and DC servo drives, steel sliding way covers.



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